Comfortable Design

The Snore Circle boasts a compact and convenient design, perfect for those who want to sleep better. Its small size and easy to use design make it a discreet and comfortable solution for reducing snoring.

Yes this really works. Deep dive into our technology and find out how we help you or a loved one with your sleep apnea.

Advanced Tracking Technology

Track your snoring patterns and get personalized insights with our app. Use the data to adjust your anti-snoring device for optimal effectiveness and a better night's sleep.

Easy To Use

Our anti-snoring device is designed to be simple and easy to use, with a compact size that makes it a breeze to put on and wear all night long.

  • Silent snore reduction with the use of EMS technology. Wear comfortably throughout the night.

  • Monitor your sleep progress with our companion app. Track your snore reduction journey with ease.

  • Quick-Charge feature - just 2 hours of charging time for 2 nights of uninterrupted snore-free sleep.

GIFT the Snore Circles

Technology that creates better sleep. Do not feel bad buying this as a gift for your partner.